Environmental footprint

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With our industrial packaging solutions, major steps can be taken towards making your company more sustainable”.

It is unlikely that plastics will ever be replaced by another, similar material. 

For example, stretch film and strapping tape is strong, simple & practical to use, inexpensive, offers good load protection, optimal protection against weather influences / UV of the secondary packaging. Plastic is therefore a keeper. Literally and figuratively. 

The solution of Tallgroup to reduce plastic impact: If we want to do something about the use of raw materials and environmental pollution through plastic, there are 3 options: 
1. put less plastic into circulation 
2. make biodegradable and / or biobased plastic 
3. collect and recycle plastic 

Let us take our responsibility for the environment and use our solutions, so together we can positively influence the "plastic soup", amount of micro-plastics and our CO2 footprint. That is our way of collaboration!