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June, 2020

Endupack builds new factory

All permits have been applied for and the new factory is scheduled to be operational by September 2021. The whole is landscaped on a very spacious plot of 22,611m2. in which the atmosphere of Normandy returns. The building itself covers 6,242m2, in addition, production is expanded with several lines. With this, Endupack doubles its production capacity.

July, 2018

Participation in Endupack

For more than 10 years Tallpack cooperates with Endupack for the palletization and protection of packages by non-slip paper. In 2018 it was time for  Tallgroup to intensify the cooperation towards a participation.

September, 2015

Start Tallpack 2.0

October, 2013

Tallconsult Ltd. founded

Tallgroup philosophy is focused on process and costs optimization. Following the world trend of outsourcing services, the Group hosted its special member Tallconsult Ltd, different in specialization. The company connects Eastern and Western European territories in many industries by intermediation services. Being part of Tallgroup, Tallconsult Ltd. hides the potential to improve business expansion in a trusted and integral manner.

August, 2013

Acquisition InduQuip and representation Meypack


September, 2011

Tallpack Bulgaria LTD. founded

As the European Union expanded in 2007 joining Bulgaria and Romania, few years later Tallgroup covered the territory of the Eastern countries with the believe of huge business potential. Tallpack Bulgaria Ltd. brings completely new professional approach in packaging industry in the country. Company is founded to meet the needs of all multinational companies who already launched production there.

July, 2009

New head offices, showroom and warehouse

Ten years after the kick-off, Tallgroup achieved the dream and necessity at the same time of having own presentative building in one of the best industrial areas in The Netherlands. The beautiful warehouse was raised from the ground in consideration with all functional requirement of the departments. Modern offices and functional halls with cozy atmosphere host the Dutch team of the Group and welcome numerous of open events, demonstrations and formal meetings.

February, 2008

Tallpack Belgium BVBA founded

Tallpack Belgium BVBA is founded to service the Belgium market as separate legal entity. Close in territory to the Headquarter but still different as customer portfolio, Belgium office acts and independent unit of Tallgroup. This fact assure faster and individual service approach to the customers and sensibly improve the delivery process.

March, 2006

Acquisition Interpres Logistics B.V.

After years of collaboration it came to be that engineering company Interpres Logistics B.V. delivers the priority projects of Tallpack. The regular step in such situation is to acquire the company in order to benefit the resources and assure better control of operations. Interpres Logistics B.V. acquisition brought Tallgroup the engineering power to build and assemble complete end-of-line packaging systems with unique knowledge.

April, 2002

Tallgroup B.V. founded


July, 1998

Start Tallpack International B.V.

Every new beginning is passionate, risky and inspiring. It can only be successful if ones do it with the right partners and suppliers. In 1998 Marco Mulder and Hubert Verheul founded Tallpack International operations with knowledge and strategy.
And the story of Tallgroup started then….