Tallgroup always maintain a comprehensive range of packaging materials to guarantee fast delivery for their customers, if necessary within 24 hours.

Tallgroup offers packaging materials for protecting pallet-based products

against damage during internal and external transport. The team develops very high quality products that reduce damage-related costs. Tall-stretch film range provides rich variety of all high quality stretch, top-sheets and stretch hood films. Tall-straps delivery program comprises all versions of synthetic and metal straps. To complete the one-stop-shop set-up, Tallgroup offers miscellaneous protective materials like non-slip plates, corner and edge protectors, as well as other materials for load securing and pallet packaging. Because standard packaging consumables have their limitations, Tallgroup offers unique solution by designing, acquiring and processing special load-securing and protective materials.

Packaging range

Complete range of standard and innovative consumables to secure your loads. We offer the most suitable and lucrative consumables for your packaged goods.